Well doesn’t time fly!

Holy CRAP.

Its been far far too long since I have been writing on here. I only have the lame excuse of “I keep meaning to but I’ve been busy!”. But its true, I have been!

My first ever solo trip to Spain was FLIPPING AWESOME!!! Yeah, there were lots of various bumps in the road, a lot of ups and downs and a little loneliness at times. Also, some difficulty regarding my deafness. But overall, it was definitely an experience I want to relive over and over. I have also since been to Scotland, Wales, Nice and Cannes (France). I’d say out of all of them, I struggled a hell of a lot with France, which I will write more about in my upcoming posts (I promise I will write them more frequently!).

I am also extremely happy and excited to say that I have got an unconditional offer to start a new university in September, studying Outdoor education management (no more poxy, stuffy and overfilled classrooms!!!).

I will be going over and writing about all my experiences and challenges I have been through since February as a deaf individual (also non-deaf people will relate too) over the next month so keep your eyes peeled!

Sending love xxx



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