It’s happened again…

Week 3 of University. New course. New car. New people.

Same lonely and sad feeling. I feel as if I have Deja vu.

I really thought it would be different this time round. I’m determined not to drop out of University a second time. But it’s so bloody hard to keep on. Every day is a battle. My deafness riddles me with anxiety, crippling me until I find it hard to breathe and I start to feel dizzy.

I feel as if I’m at a dead end again. I’ve been holding up a brave face and acting like everything was perfectly ok, but tonight I poured everything out to my Mum. I’m going to try and stick it out, but my mental health seems to be in decline each day that goes by.

I’m starting to think, maybe university in general just isn’t for me?

Life is a tricky one for sure. I wonder when it will give me a break and finds me something I love.


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